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Publisher's description

DiffVue is a folder and file compare or differencing utility.

Main Features:

- Synchronizes files and folders between two PC's.
- Displays folder trees side-by-side with mismatches highlighted.
- Displays text files side-by-side with changes highlighted.
- Merges differences between two text files.
Allows editing any text file including unicode files.
- Generates a single PDF file for the existing folder(s).
- Provides a search tool for files and for contents of the text files with replace option.
- Displays non-text files such as graphics, word-processor, spreadsheet, presentation files.
- Compares the local files against FTP server and transmits them
- Displays Hexadecimal or ASCII values for any file and provides a content search using either hex string or normal text string.
- Allows to compare and merge the resource files, such as, RC, etc.
- Provides unicode-hex conversion utility.

What's new in version 4.8

- All: Added Windows 8 compatibility, Correct the default printer handling, Separate OIVT installer, Revisited Windows 7 (x86 & x64) UAC handling.
- DiffVue: Isolated Resource comparison, Corrected Unicode file detection when BOM is missing, Enhanced "Save output" dialog, Added "Copy Diff Files to" choice, Re-designed multi-rename, Added Folder combo-box for easy navigation, Added Filtered view.
- DiffFTP - DiffVue for FTP: Enhanced DnD UI, Added Folder combo-box for easy navigation.
- FullVue: Functional only when OIVT is available.
- DiffEditor: Corrected Unicode file detection when BOM is missing, Enhanced the matching HTML/XML tags search performance, Added "Save as different encoding" option, Added ability to change window width, Enhanced Unicode handling, Highlights diff-strings in the diff blocks.
- DiffSearch: Can search the binary files or the root drive, Added "Copy the result files to..." button, Added a folder exclusion for a recursive folder search, Added sorting and splitter, Added "Replace with:" option.
- HexCompare: A "Hex Compare" utility / Hex editor. Fixed memory corruption during edit-mode, Fixed the edit-mode and insert-mode, Fixed bugs in Unicode hex conversion tool and online Help.
- DiffVue Update: On-Demand Update, Fixed a potential bug.
- DiffResource: Simplified UI, Added side-by-side display option, Separated from Diffvue.exe.
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